Nov. 11, 2017


"If he who planteth a tree is greater than he who taketh a city, that man should be canonized who introduces the magnificent wild flowers of foreign lands to our area of Nature's garden."  Neltje Blanchan in her 1900 volume, Nature's Garden, launches into flowery praise of water lilies and all their kin.  She particularly celebrates the successful naturalzation of sacred lotus in America.  It helps us know how we got to our more modern understanding of introduced species.  So many of them get here with the best of intentions.

I just noticed the flyleaf of my copy of Ms. Blanchan's book says, "Mrs. Wallace H. Smith, 1925"  Wallace was my grandfather's brother.  Seems like this stuff runs in families.  I can remember walking the fields with my grandfather as earlt as when I was maybe four or five.  Thanks, Grandpa!