Nov. 12, 2017


Here's a closer look at tall tickseeds.  I was tempted to make that singular, and leave off the s.  But after all we're looking at a whole bunch of flowers, fascinatingly organized into a single flower head.  Tall coreopsis is frequent in southern Michigan.  These days you can often see it on roadsides.  Historically, the species was not known north of Grand Rapids.  More recently, I have seen them at rest stops and weigh stations on I-75 as far north as Indian River.  This is probably because of northward travelers and Lady Bird Johnson.  In a previous incarnation, Lady Bird may have been Neltje Blanchan.  I certainly celebrate their celebration of wildflowers.  But it does move things around.  The roadside planting branch of Lady Bird's efforts often use tall coreopsis.  Is a native in Lenawee County an invader in Cheboygan?