Nov. 21, 2017


I've been avoiding plants without showy petals.  Lots of us don't really think of them as wildflowers.  They deserve better.  The sedges, for instance, are hugely important in our wetlands.  They are the most dominant group in places like Ives Fen.  That early season sea of grass is actually a sea of sedges.  My images from that May trip to the Preserve are all of wildflowers from around the edges, or higher ground.  Most of the sedges were already done blooming, and most of the pretty petals had not started.  Sedges were going to seed, like this shallow sedge, Carex lurida.  When I was first getting interested in this property, I worked on making a list of what grows there.  It was a good way to get people interested.  That meant I had to learn about sedges.  What an adventure!  They make great puzzles, and there sure are a lot of them.  And after 38 years, we've now got 800 species of plants on that list.