Dec. 15, 2017


Since I posted todays flower, I've driven the grand kids to school.  The oncoming headlights made the reason for pointed stars clear.  It's all about filters and apertures.  Should have been obvious to a photographer!  My only excuse is that it was five in the morning.  The oncoming headlights were surrounded by glints of light.  If I squinted, the rays became dramatic.  And followed if I tilted my head.  With the camera, there are polygonal ghosts that match the aperture shape.   For the ancients, it would have been a very short step to depicting light rays as points, lines, and even squiggles.  From there, naming the starflower, or all the other starry named blooms, is inevitable.  But why are there no star constellations.  (However,  if you querry "star constellations" you come to some fascinating stuff about satellites!)