Dec. 26, 2017


Now let me digress.  I've had three recurring nightmares in my life.  First I was falling endlessly.  Then I was walking into a college exam, and suddenly realized I didn't know anything.  Next I was being drafted and sent back to Nam (this one was gone for a long time until this latest spate of wars and saber rattling).  Finally, I was being assigned to another committee to create yet another state form to fill out (no wait, that one really happened!).  Now I wonder if I started a new redream last night.  I was supposed to go to work tomorrow, spent the day thinking about what I would get done, only remembering late in the afternoon that it was already the day I was supposed to be there.  I wonder if this will recur after the next holiday?  Or if it was just because I slept in today.  And now you know why this is late.