Jan. 3, 2018


The Cheyenne used a concoction from tall fringed bluebells to treat measles and smallpox.  I guess it's any port in a storm, and what a horrible storm that was.  An estimated 90% of American Indians died.  I remember reading about manifest destiny, but it turns out the special virtues that led to the settlement success were mostly germs.  Using tall fringed bluebells to stem that tide seems like a very sad view into the desperation of those times.

On a lighter note, it's the thought that counts.  Right?  Yesterday, one of my very favorite organizations, the Nature Conservancy, sent me an appreciation for my volunteer efforts.  It is a visor; basically a cap without a top.  Ironically, I am currently undergoing a chemical treatment of all the damage caused by not wearing things to cover my head!  Supposedly I'm soon going to look like raw hamburger.  But I think they tell you that only so the true result won't seem so bad.  Nature Conservancy!  Don't encourage people to wear things that won't cover their head!