Jan. 4, 2018


Botanically speaking, there's more to the naming story for Apalachicola toadflax.  These plants were until recently included in blue toadflax, Nuttallanthus canadensis.  And Nuttallanthus is a new name for plants separated from Linaria, an Old World genus that originally included these New World plants.  And they've all been separated from their traditional place in the figwort family, and are now in a very much reorganized and expanded plantain family.  Finally, I'm kind of confused by this particular individual by any name.  If you go by some keys, this is blue toadflax.  Other traits lead to Apalachicola.  But if you go by that first key, plants here in Michigan are Apalachicola, which is clearly not the case.  So I have to figure there is still confusion in sorting out these new species.