Jan. 5, 2018


One day on patrol in Nam I was on point (first guy in line).  I came over a rise and found myself between a mama water buffalo and her calf.  She charged.  I ducked behind a short coconut palm.  She took off a big chunk of the crown as she went by, and continued on to her baby.  The Vietnamese rangers with us all ran up and started eating the tree.  The heart of coconut palm is fantastic!  Consistency of a carrot, flavor of coconut.  All that to explain why next time I go to Florida, I'm going to be equipped to chop up a saw palmetto.  There are certainly plenty of them around.  The Indians used to eat the heart.  It was also an important source of cordage and thatch.  It was traded, and remains of palmetto cord have been found in pre-Columbian archeological sites as far north as Wisconsin and New York.