Jan. 8, 2018


I'm back to wondering who's cultivating who?  In the frequent sci fi theme, it's not the astronauts that are in control.  It's those strange things hidden in their ship, or even in their bodies.  Are we now growing this new alien.  Or was the arrival of seeds hidden in yet another payload part of the plant's design?  And if so, how unnatural is it?

Another reason I like this one is that it likes to grow in grikes.  Now there's a cool word.  A grike is a crack in a limestone outcrop.  Which may help explain why pale St. John's-wort settled in our spot, among limestone rock in an area of calcareous glacial deposits.  And speaking cool names, pale St. John's-wort's northeastern site is near Lohja, on the north side of Lake Hormajarvi.  The species is endangered in Finland, so they probably would answer our poll in the affirmative.