Jan. 10, 2018


Here's a typical tanglehead habitat.  It likes dry open spots, whether natural or man made.  You can find beauty anywhere, even in front of the Post Office while you're waiting for a friend.  Tanglehead can be good or bad.  In pasture it is a good fodder only if it's regularly grazed so it doesn't go to seed.  The seeds can cause serious gastric issues.  With sheep, the seeds tangle in the wool, and are virtually impossible to remove.  When tanglehead arrived in Australia, it became a very serious problem the wool industry.

I know I was 34 when I started to pay attention to grass flowers, because that is when I first visited the place that became Ives Fen Preserve.  I began a survey of the plants at the site, which meant I needed to learn grasses, sedges, rushes, and all those  plants without petals.  I contunue to struggle a little with grass identifications, perhaps a mental block associated with my allergy to grass pollen.