Jan. 14, 2018


Now I will wildly digress.  Nothing to do with wildflowers.  Yesterday I watched my team beat Michigan Agricultural College.  I'm not being cute.  Their uniforms really did say MAC.  I thought it was a very cool and whimsical touch.  Kind of a time warp.  Then last night I dreamed that my brilliant grand daughter grew up to invent a way to bend time and space.  She became part of a project that took off for another star.  Sometimes dreams are not at all hard to interpret.  A couple days ago, I told her I couldn't even imagine what her future would be like, things are changing so fast.  But I guess I can dream.

I can't begin to illustrate this, so I'll just throw in Blinky.  And I now find that I need to explain that Michigan Agricultural College changed their name some time ago to Michigan State University.  Yesterday they wore retro uniforms.