Feb. 14, 2018


In the fall, Ives Fen is difinitely one of Neltje's fields of gold.  Those of us devoted to Ives Preserve mostly miss it in the winter.  Which is why Sam requested that we visit the Preserve's goldenrods.  And he probably knows it doesn't take much of a nudge to get me started on either the Preserve or goldenrods.  There are 14 species in the Preserve, gracing all the habitats.  I've already done daily entries for five.  Starting with today's tall goldenrod, we will look at the rest scattered through the next couple weeks.  I can't imagine anyone being bored with them, but just in case we will sprinkle in some other beauties.  Tall goldenrod is a very typical species, no taller than others, and closely related to a lot of other common goldenrods.  It is popular in gardens, and has emigrated to gardens, then to the wild in many places around the world.  Germany lists it as invasive, and if they want to send it back, good luck.