Feb. 23, 2018


Grumbling about how much Queen Anne's relatives look alike isn't entirely justified.  The look alikes have a lot of looking different relatives.  And that may be why the Chippewa used a decoction of cream meadow-parsnip to treat colic.  Studies have shown that there are several criteria for a plant being used in herbal medicine.  One of them was that the plant is easily recognized.  None of the criteria have much to do with whether it actually worked.  The delicate color of these flowers makes the plant easily recognizable.  Give your colicky child a treatment of this and you'll almost certainly see improvement.  Never mind that it would have happened anyway.  Then you can tell the other Mom's how to readily recognize the plant that helped.  Pretty soon the whole nation is using cream meadow-parsnip for colic.  Never discount the powers of the placebo effect and social pressure.