Mar. 14, 2018


Virginia cowslip is very rare in Michigan.  It's been a lot of fun finding it.  Back around 1980 a botanist from upstate told me he had seen it in Lenawee, where the River Raisin loops over M-52.  I soon figured out that there was no such place.  After a few years of searching various crossings and loops, I found a few plants where the river crosses a local road.  Eventually, in 1988, I checked out a spot where a creek loops around another highway.  There were a few plants.  Then upstream a mile from that site, I finally found the mother load.  These images are from that spot.  After that, the population dwindled because of the owner's grandson's dirt bike.  But there is a new owner, and Virginia bluebells are very happy and on the march, as you can see here.

Anything cow has a new cachet for me, now that I've seen my granddaughter on stage in a cow chorus line.  What a moment!