Mar. 21, 2018


Here's a female flowered head of skunk cabbage.  The volunteer crew at Ives Fen kid about weeding the skunk cabbage patch.  But we really do.  We spend the first few Saturdays each year pulling garlic mustard and dame's rocket in the woodlands.  There's lots of skunk cabbage.  We don't eat it.  It's said to be edible, if you boil it in a few changes of water to disperse the flavor.  But I knew someone who said she tried 15 changes, and still couldn't stand it.  A plant like this would necessarily attract the herbalists, and it has been used for much of what ails you.  With a flavor like that, I'm almost surprised my Mom never gave me any.  I got pretty good at holding my nose so I wouldn't taste what was going down.  Hmmm, maybe she did!