Apr. 5, 2018


Thanks, guys!  My dinner companions graciously suggested some postings for this week.  No puzzling over choices this week.  And it sure was fun joining them to see Sherlock Holmes, with a very big assist from Irene Adler, solve the mystery of VanGogh's missing ear.

Blue-eyed Mary was the first choice.  Maybe because they are a little hard to find here in Michigan.  And they're a lot more fun to see than the missing ear.  Blue-eyed Mary is a winter annual.  It germinates in the fall, lives through winter, then dies in spring.  Their germination and survival rates vary with changes in precipitation and temperature.  In 2013 when I took these pictures, there were only a few plants.  Other years there are large patches at that spot.  Either way, a beautiful flower and a good choice.