Apr. 14, 2018


I remember a conversation years ago with an orchid expert.  He was very frustrated by his failed attempts to grow maccasin flower from seed.  They just wouldn't germinate.  We now know how to do it, and I'm sure his experiments contributed to the eventual success.  It is a very precise process involving soil Ph and other factors.  For example, many orchids grow well in calcium rich habitats.  It is important that calcium be absent or very low for moccasin flower.  Growing them to maturity and onward is equally exacting.  A moment of inatention can destroy years of effort.  Best just enjoy them in the wild.

It is not unusual to see pale flowered plants.  White ones are more rare.  Pink lady-slippers were used for a variety of ailments by the Algonquin, Cherokee, Iroquois, Menominee, Meskwaki, Micmac, Penobscot, and Rappahannock tribes.