May. 11, 2018


Here's the next best shot.  A little past prime.  Pyrus communis is not a natural species.  It seems to have been derived from various Eurasian species in ancient times.  Now, when pears make their own seeds, and spread them in the wild, they produce an interesting array of fruit.  Sometimes they're much like a regular pear.  But near here we have ones with pear shaped fruit about an inch long, with round fruit just like Asian pears but too hard to eat, and with round fruit abot an inch and a quarter that taste like apple-pear mixes.  There is even one tree that produces no flowers and fruit.  Common pear also crosses with Callery/Bradford pear.  The first tree mentioned above is probably one of those.  Common pear flowers have five pistils.  Callery have two.  Hybrids have intermediate numbers.