Jun. 24, 2018


Canada plums and their relatives were a common food source for Indians.  The dried fruit - that's right, prunes - were a good year round food source, and an item of commerce within tribes and with others when we arrived.  This tree makes an appearance in 'Little House on the Prairie' even though the house was well outside the range.  It's more likely the plums along their creek were American.

Extirpated vs. extinct.  If extinct, you're flat-out gone.  If extirpated, you're only gone from the given territory.  Better extirpated, then you have a chance to creep down along M-52 in the belly of a critter, and reclaim your former territory.  Unlike Michiganders.  I suppose that strip of land we lost in the Ohio War is gone for good.  If you drive that way, one of the first things you come to across the border is a roadside plaque commemorating that event.