Jul. 10, 2018


Are peonies ever wild?  What are the rules that determine wild status?  A native certainly qualifies.  And some aliens are way too wild - think English plantains.  But the line between is pretty subjective.  If you want it to be a wildflower, it can be your personal addition to the flora.  Although with the peony, I have no problem with the pros at UM who say no.  

A couple of decades ago, the state road guys built a passing lane northwest of here.  Next spring, there was suddenly a peony growing in the weedy roadside margin.  How did it get there.  Were their earthmovers the gardeners?  Seeds are very unlikely.  Ever have a volunteer peony in your garden?  Was it there all along, to be revealed by the widened road?  I think the last most likely.  Even though things are decades into going wild at that site, the ruined barn about 50 yards to the south gives us a clue.

And speaking of going wild, the last four days were great.  The walkabout spirits are at rest.  Thank you for your patience.  This image may be my favorite from the trip.