Jul. 22, 2018


In January 1956 we moved from the rural mountains of West Virginia to Saudi Arabia.  By February, we were on our first short trip from there, to Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon).  On February 22, we were in Kandy.  That evening we visited the Temple of the Tooth.  On the central altar is a small casket containing a tooth of Buddha.  The place was mobbed with worshippers.  All around the building were large trays covered with frangipani flowers.  That's my oldest memory of frangipani.  The scent was almost overpowering, and didn't all come from the flowers.  Imagine the feelings of two kids from West Virginia in that moment!  And guess what that kid picked out for his eleventh birthday present the day before. 

It's a Sri Lanka devil mask, tourist version I assume.  Curiously, no one else in either my birth or married familes appreciate it!