Aug. 3, 2018


Here's water milkweed in its favorite habitat.  It occurs to me that I get a lot more pictures of water plants from the edge of their habitat than from near the middle.  That's because both I and the plants prefer the shallow water.  It's not that plants don't grow and bloom in deep water.  I'm just not equiped to take those shots.  The Cherokee found a number of medicinal uses for water milkweed, mostly having to do with urinary problems.  One wonders if its preference for water was believed to be a sign of what it could be used for.  The stems were also used for cordage.

The southern trip was a success.  Three milkweeds, three rose mallows, two rose gentians, one orchid, and a whole bouquet of other stuff.  Would have liked more orchids, but you don't get everything.  Now I get to decide where to go next!