Aug. 20, 2018


The Indian rice harvest was a tradition.  The women paddled their canoes among the plants, and used knockers to dislodge the grain into the boats.  The size of knockers that can be used is still limited by local and tribal law.  And yes, part of me is still stuck in junior high.  But that is the term used for the bats used to harvest wild rice.  Perhaps it is not just the mud that has kept anyone from going with me to harvest wild rice.

The photo process is very frustrating.  Wild rice is wind pollinated.  The stamens move vigorously in the slightest suggestion of a breeze.  The closer you try to get, the more the effect is exagerrated.  The pistillate flowers, seen here, are a lot more stable. They let the pollen come to them, to be combed from the air by the feathery pistils.