Aug. 24, 2018


There's a lot of indecision involved with these thornapples.  Many botanists would segregate this one as Datura wrightii.  Others correct the Latin spelling to D. innoxia.  Innoxia would seem to indicate it is not toxic, which is very much not the case.  Instead it refers to the soft thorns on the seed capsules.  They are stiff and more prickly in other species.  If you want to play a little Clue, the murder happened with the Datura tea, in the motel room, but we're less and less sure who did it as the series goes on(The Sinner, currently on USA Network).  At first I thought it incredible that they drank tea that would taste like that.  Then I thought about the really bad stuff available for a lot of motel breakfasts, and it made more sense.  Look out what you start, or in this case end your day with, or it may really be a No Tell Motel.