Aug. 26, 2018


I wasn't the only one visiting the sunflowers that day.  I bet I've visited with the crab spiders more often than I know.  They're very good at camo, adapting to the color of their flowers.  But they don't always hide.  Some, like this, seen ready to take me on in defense of their next meal.

Western sunflower was first collected in Lenawee County by W. J. Beal in the 1860's.  It was collected again in 1916 by Cecil Billington along a railroad south of Tecumseh.  That was likely the same rail I saw it along in 1985.  That old rail is now on the western border of Ives Fen Preserve.  The sunflower has happily spread to fields east of the rail, which were farmed before they were preserved.  That's where todays images are from.