Aug. 28, 2018


Here's they effect of the whole plant that caught my eye.  This may be one of the instances where they eye is better than the camera.  It's a little like trying to photograph stars in the night sky.  All those little sparkles, transferred to a static image just don't have the same effect.  

Wikipedia is full of fun facts.  On Crete, this is glykosyrida or ampelosyrida.  The young leaves and shoots are eaten.  They're also eaten by the ethnic Albanians in the Vulture Region of Italy.  Italy has a vulture region?  What fun!  This may be the vulture region of Michigan.  I see them evey time I walk the dog.  Keep reminding them I'm not ready yet.  Not long ago I noticed they were circling the hospital.  Recently it was the grocery store.  Best not to think about that too much.