Sep. 2, 2018

Defeating an invasion at Ives Preserve

The Ives Fen Preserve volunteer crew had a very successful day yesterday removing invasive water lettuce and water hyacinths.  It looked like we got them all.  We will check again in a couple of weeks to see haw many tiny ones have grown large enough to mock us.  In the end it may take a good cold winter to finish the job.  Jim brought a light weight canoe that was a big help.  I broke out my jungle boots that have vents in the sides to let out water after you wade.  Adrian's Daily Telegram came to get info for an item that should help make the point about not dumping this stuff in our Michigan waters.  The day ended with ice cream (thanks again, Sam).  These days have become a wonderful experience with nature and old and younger friends.

The picture is from the upper edge of the old gravel pit portion of the preserve that includes the ponds.  Nature is returning to what was barren sand and gravel.  I suppose the globalization of things, including plant communities, in inevitable.  But at Ives, even in an old gravel pit, we are able to preserve some native heritage.