Sep. 18, 2018

Eyes and flowers

Anne sent this link  This sent my brain on a track from compound eyes, to compound flowers, and finally to rods and cones.  The compound eye of the dragonfly made me think of compound flowers like the aster family.  Some flowers have that compound arrangement, each producing a seed.  Other great big showy flowers have an ovary that produces many seeds.  From there I veered back to our wondrous eyes, each with a single lens that leads to a compound array of rods and cones.  Those transmit impulses to the mind, and they become our next perception of beauty.  Long long ago we and the bugs took separate branches of the family tree.  But we are not entirely as different as we like to think.  I wonder if a clue is there for how some of it came to be.  And each of us may interpret that clue differently.  Another wonder.