Oct. 4, 2018

Tragopogon hybrids

This is Tragopogon x crantzii, a hybrid between T. pratensis and T. dubius.  It has been reported from MI and ON.  Sometimes when hybrids occur, both chromosome sets are passed along from the parents.  This results in a doubling of the chromosome number for the offspring.  And sometimes the hybrids can successfully reproduce themselves.  That has happened with Tragopogon hybrids in the western US.  Those plants are generally more robust and hardy than T. crantzii.  Those western plants are now considered new species, T. mirus and T. miscellus.  Because of the distance between sites for these new species, the process is belived to have happened more than once.  These new species have not yet been reported from Eurasia, where the parents came from.

Tragopogon pratensis also crosses with the purple-flowered T. porrifolius.  Some of those plants also have doubled chromosomes, and are called T. mirabilis.  Those plants gave been reported from MI and ON.