Oct. 20, 2018

Sassafras gumbo

Keeping with the autumn flower motif, here are the famous sassafras leaves.  Famous?  Everyone gets introduced to sassafras by whoever teaches them to identify leaves.  They come in versions with three, two, or no lobes.  An early lesson in complexity!  Sassfras leaves are also the source of file'.  Dried and powdered, they are the origin of that spice and thickener, used in the gumbo you tried (hopefully) when you visited the Big Easy.

And now a confession and apology.  It turns out that the poke bowls I mentioned the other day have nothing to do with pokeweed.  That poke is pronounced with two syllables, and refers to tuna sushi.  I jumped before researching.  Sorry. I will also confess that I am now a lot less likely to go looking for them.