Oct. 26, 2018


Today starts a three-week journey through the central Colorado Rockies.  We will take a look at the flowers I found on June 20th, 2013.  And I won't have to make any decisions for a while.  As we go, we'll enjoy some scenery too.  Here's a look at sage plains near Blue Mesa Reservoir.  Sage leaves are gray green.  Why do we hear them called blue or purple?  The flowers are inconspicuously yellow.  Riders of the gray-green sage?  Gray-green mesa?  Just doesn't have the same ring to it.  Did Zane Gray know enough about the real West to realize his riders weren't among the purple flowered sage in local gardens?  Does someone who fished 300 days a year notice plants?  It's all probably a good metaphor for his pot boilers reflection of reality.  But they were a fun read in a misspent literary youth, and probably added to the enjoyment of the West when I finally got there.