Nov. 6, 2018


Here's the 6/20 image of antelope bitterbrush.  You can see the antelope horns.  Bitterbrush had a great many medicinal uses, including as an emetic.  Yesterday there was a comment that someone was tired of hearing about emesis (not the word she used).  Well, there's a reason it's a big part of old plant lore.  Ever notice how much more often our cats and dogs throw up than we do?  We used to be like that, in days before refrigerators and irradiation and the FDA.  From Roman vomitoria to Indian herbalism, throwing up was a common part of life.  At the moment that's not as true.  But does it seem like incidents of food poisoning are on the rise?  There are those who want to drown our government in a tub.  The FDA and the CDC are two agencies they're messing with.  So if you don't want to return to the emesis of yesteryear, GO VOTE!