Nov. 19, 2018

Rayless shaggy fleabane

Here's a wider look at rayless.  It would be interesting to know what advantage it found when it abandoned rays.  Reminds me of one nephew, a Hoosier when all the rest of us are Wolverines (Maybe I thought of him because the Wolverines just beat the Hoosiers?).  These Sedgwick fleabanes were along a road east of the Rockies, outside the usual range.  Their difference may have been an advantage and got them transported to someone's garden, to spread from there.  Again like Dan, now in Minnesota, which seems to me to be outside our normal range.

Saw Diva Royale yesterday at the Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea.  A premiere of a play by Jeff Daniels.  WOW!  If you're close enough, you should make an opportunity to see this before it goes to Broadway.  Yes, I think it's that good.  But maybe better suited to the small theater.