Nov. 21, 2018

Feeling better

I feel better now.  No, not from my allergies, but from my ignorance.  Authors of a November 2015 article in Current Biology assessed collections of plants in herbaria in twenty-one countries.  They concluded more than half had been given incorrect names.  I work with the University of Michigan Herbarium, and I am confident that is not the case there.  But not for my lack of trying.  Most times when I turn in a batch of specimens, I soon get feedback correcting IDs.  Sometimes on a post card, and sometimes four pages like the 12/17/85 letter from Ed Voss and Tony Reznicek.  Most of the problems were grasses and sedges.  One of the corrections was a smooth brome.  Are grasses picking on me?  As much as I appreciated their diligence and support, I did feel ignorant.  But I feel better now.  Ignorance loves company.  Maybe I should try a MAGA rally next!