Nov. 28, 2018

Are flowers blue?

Winston the Dog tells me that I always get it right with blue flower images.  My eyes tell a different story.  Sometimes blue flowers come out too pale.  Other times too purple.  But then he can't see red, and cameras often see too much of it.  Or too little blue.  Things have gotten better with digital.  But you can see in this image of bluestar that it doesn't look all that blue.  The wildflower page image is the same plant.  That image was digitally improved to appear more like the blue my eyes saw that day at the gardens.  I always feel a little dishonest when I start 'enhancing' images.  But until I see what Winston sees (or doesn't), or until the lenses, receptors and filters get better, blue images won't always be the way they look at first glance.