Nov. 29, 2018

Trapped in the Irish Hills

The Irish Hills are as scenic as southeastern Michigan gets.  One of those hills actually gets 500 feet high!  So we get some tourists there, a little northwest of Adrian.  One day in the '80s I was trapped there in a roadside amusement spot with a grade-school age daughter and her friends.  So what did I do?  Looked for flowers.  I spotted my first American bur-reed in a marshy spot at the edge of the property.  Aha!  A new record for the county.  Last year I checked back to see if I could get some digital images.  That spot is now a residential lot.  All the clunky rides are gone.  And the bur-reeds are flourishing.  Thanks to the hospitality of the two ladies that live there, I got my shots.  That day, when I took this image of a plant growing among pond lilies.  And ten days later when I took the closer image with matured anthers.