Dec. 21, 2018

More minimal

Kitty recently sent links to some articles from the Havana Times.  Turns out to be a good source for news from south of our border.  And other items.  One was about minimalism, and our future in a warmer, more crowded world.  Good stuff!  So, yesterday I was driving Katie home from middle school.  She's sitting there with her cell phone, interacting minimally.  I asked her to let me know when she came to a good stopping point.  Soon, she wasn't texting, but didn't let me know.  She probably realized one of grandpa's flights of fancy was about to land.  Can't get out of it that easy, kid!  Much to my delight, I discovered she already knew about minimalism.  We had a terrific conversation about electronic media and the potential for reduced footprints.  From Havana to Tecumseh, all with a minimum of energy.  Except of course for the car that held her captive.  Or did it?