Dec. 23, 2018

False bindweeds

False bindweeds, hedge bindweeds, short stalks or not, why should we care if the plants don't seem to?  Here in Michigan we commonly see hedge bindweeds, with white or pink flowers.  White flowered false bindweed only appears in a few southernmost counties.  Where the two grow close to each other, they really get close!  Hybrids are not hard to find.  The impression of false bindweed is of a larger leaved and flowered plant.  The leaves seem a little coarser and more definitely lobed.  But how do you use that impression in an identification key?  You don't.  Instead you look for details that make things clear.  Leaves that have no tissue below the lowest veins for 2-9 mm where they join the petiole.  White flowers.  But wait, that white flower (see here) has a faint pink blush.  Like I said, hybrids aren't hard to find.  So what do you call it?  A somewhat-short-stalked false hedge bindweed?