Jan. 5, 2019

Alferd Griner Packer, 1842-1907

Unlike most people mentioned on this site, Alferd was not a botanist.  Although it is said that late in life he became a vegetarian.  Too late in the summer of 1874, Alferd and five companions set off into the Colorado mountains.  They became snowbound, and only Alferd survived.  He claimed to have shot one companion in self defence after that man killed the others.  But Alferd was convicted of murder.  It seems that Alferd survived by eating parts of his companions.  In effect, he was convicted of cannibalism.  There is now an Alferd G. Packer Memorial Grill at the University of Colorado.  The grill's slogan is "Have a friend for lunch".  This image was taken in the area of the crime, whatever it might have been.  Alferd was buried in Littleton, from where his tombstone tends to wander.  Last I knew, it was missing again.

DYCs are damned yellow composites, called that because there are so many.  Partly because of their numbers, they are terrific identification puzzles.  Heard of the jigsaw puzzles"'Little Red Riding Hood's Hood" or "Snow White in a Snowstorm"?  DYCs are the yellow version.