Jan. 22, 2019

Trickles and rills

Any season you walk Ives Fen, you will be listening to trickles and gurgles of water.  You can sometimes hear it under the growth, tricking through the roots as it runs downhill.  Occasionally you can hear it passing by in little rills, where the plants have surrendered, to let it more freely make its way down to the river.  This one is maybe four inches deep, with clear, very salty water that never freezes.  That's salty as in the opposite of acidic on the pH scale.  Certainly the water doesn't freeze because it's always moving, and because it has just emerged from underground streams that are not that cold.  But I suspect the calcareous, basic nature of this water also plays a role.  In any case it's a pretty little stream, and no challenge for this old hiker to hop across as he makes his way through the winter preserve.