Mar. 9, 2019

Mexican prickly-poppy

Not all of these flowers are as bright as the one shown on the wildflower page.  Prickly-poppies, being toxic, are of course widely used as medicine.  Or at least people like to think of them as medicine.  And that includes not just people that take the medicine, but also the ones that prescribe it.  What kind of herbalist or medicine person would you be if your services produce no results.  And we're all used to treatments that are uncomfortable or worse (that's right, I was at the dentist again).  And in our need, we're all accepting of piliatives that don't piliate.  When was the last time you had a cough medicine that really worked?  And yes, cough is one of the problems treated with prickly-poppy.  The Hopi are said to have used the plants to whip children.  That could produce results I don't want to contemplate.  Now, a disclaimer.  In Mali it has been discovered that Argemone tea actually does inhibit malaria infection.