Mar. 21, 2019

Finding new while looking up other!

Here's another view of southern cutgrass.  Aside from that, isn't it fun learning new things while looking up other stuff?  Like the Dunning-Kruger effect.  We've all observed it, but it sure is good to know it's being studied.  The D-K effect is when people of low abilty (to quote Wiki), "have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their ability as greater than it is."  Without effective thinking skills and relevant knowledge, they cannot objectively judge their competence.  Now, don't get full of yourself!  We are describing you!  That's right, you are incompetent.  We all are in many regards, but too often don't know it.  For instance, I am not competent at identifying grass species.  And don't you dare ask people who know me about other deficits!  Which all brings us to the flat-earth tribe.  There's a new film about them, "Behind the Curve", available on Netflix and other sites.  Go have fun!  It will make you feel smart no matter how incompetent you are.