Jun. 28, 2019

Yellow chamomile

Here's a slightly more distant shot of today's wonder. It's a terrific garden plant, with flowers a little more than an inch across. The aromatic feathery foliage is also attractive. Yellow chamomile was formerly used to produce yellow dyes. But it's hard to go away from thinking Fibonacci. And apparently that's been true for a very long time. The first mathematical descriptions of it go back around 2200 years. The sequence was described with precision in a text from A. D. 1202! How could minds like that forget for a millennium and a half that we knew the world was round? Those ancient minds that thought about spirals were not so different from us. And the primitive minds that wouldn't remember the shape of the world were not so different either. Fibonacci describes your ancestry too, science denying Tea Party! Oh, well, so much for floral serenity. But at least I can stop typing while I continue to rant.