Jul. 17, 2019


The other day when I posted a dwarf species, it was suggested I was not being PC. We should not use dwarf or midget. So here's my response. See those little oblong bits among the larger duckweed. Mud-midgets! The duckweed is not much more than an eighth of an inch across. Mud-midgets are a remarkable plant, famous as the world's smallest flowering plant. Also called watermeal, this one is Columbian watermeal, Wolffia columbiana. It's relegated to the blog page because you won't see any flower images from me. I don't have the necessary microscopic equipment. Next time you see a pond covered with duckweed, stop and take a look. You can likely see some mud-midgets mixed in.

P.S. The PC guy does admit that mud-midget is better than mud little people!