Aug. 20, 2019

Berries yet to come

Here's another shot from Whitefish Point. The elusive (only to me) wintergreen. Nice to get another, maybe even better image. I kind of hoped for some berries, but the image will last longer. I am a fan of wintergreen Lifesavers - well, any Lifesavers. But that flavoring originally came from birch bark, which I also still enjoy. Calls to mind Doc Jarrett, and my case of hives when I was seven or eight years old in Fayetteville, WV. He figured it was the birch bark. I thought maybe blueberries, since it was the first time I had those. All these years later it's like Schadenfreude with my own past trouble. Strange how that little old stuff from the wilderness of youth contributes to our Gestalt of older age, and pops up with a wintergreen plant.