Sep. 2, 2019

Butterfly effects

Remember the butterfly effect? A butterfly flaps in Africa, and eventually we have a storm here? The morning I found the changing forget-me-not was at a damp spot. I got my shoes wet. Then drove on, eventually to a red light. Sitting there wiggling my feet, I slipped off the brake and nudged the van in front of me. Only wrinkled the license plate on the front of my car. But it was his company policy that they called in when anything happened. And it was city policy that if they came out, they had to write a ticket. So, that butterfly moment built to a misfortunate expense. Where this and my recent thoughts are leading is, don't be a butterfly. I wonder if the effect might be a good way to talk about global warming. Turn out that light! Turn off the screen! And someday things will be less hot. And here I am using up electrons. Hypocrite!