Dec. 5, 2019

Things you find while looking

No, not the pretty patch of bug eaters. We've talked about things we find while looking for other stuff (no, not my bug collection mom shipped back from Arabia and saved for 40 years). Rather, words and ideas. Today's new word is hibernaculum. Latin for tent for winter quarters. Mostly these are now for animals. But yesterday we talked about turions, those cool little overwintering buds that sink into water to get plants through the winter. Plant turions can also be terrestrial, and are sometimes called hibernaculums (actually plural they're hibernacula). They're tight little buds with new plants inside, waiting for spring. Or in this case, maybe just waiting for a better day. Butterworts form hibernacula. This patch near the Lake Michigan shore was very much underwater when I was there last year. Lakes are now up. Hope the hibernacula can wait long enough!