Dec. 15, 2019

Botanists and television

Angel's trumpet is here today because of a plant guy's TV experiences. Are screen writers plant blind? Plant blind people are indifferent or even uncomfortable with the plant kingdom. It sometimes seems like that describes writers, but maybe they're just careless. There was the ad set at Woodstock, with the scene set beside a California oak (so many programs set in the East occur among California plants). Or the itchy culprit given away by the poison sumac bush at the crime scene. A bush that was nothing like poison sumac, in a place where it wouldn't grow. Or the writer who described the wonderful fragrance of a bouquet of hibiscus, which would wilt by the next day anyway. And of course the angel's trumpet the other night, that I recognized as the murder weapon even before it was used. So writers, get serious, and do your homework! You're making us feel as disrespected as Rodney Dangerfield!