Dec. 29, 2019

What was it?

Help!  Help! My kid just ate red berries off a bush with leaves like an oak tree!  Are they poison?!  Years ago this mom called the UM Hospital poison line.  They couldn't figure out what bush.  They called the University botany department, and they couldn't figure out what it was.  Finally, she says, "You know, oak leaves like on the Canadian flag!"  There's the maple answer to yesterday's question about what makes a Viburnum "trilobum".  Anne went on to ask what makes V. opulus different from V. trilobum.  In the image below, can you see the teeny bump on the petiole immediately below the leaf tissue?  If that is no more than .8 mm long, it's trilobum.  Trilobum also tends to have a more narrow terminal leaf lobe, but that character is difficult to use if they're not side by side.  Finally, trilobum has at least a few tiny hairs on the upper side of the leaf.  Can you see them?  Do you understand why some authorities just lump them together?