Mar. 31, 2020


Here in Michigan, spring is still waking up, like these golden stars. Now that the sun has hit them, they will open and face more upward. The image on the wildflower page is the same two flowers, about an hour and a half earlier. They were at the Gladys Riley Golden Star Lily Preserve (hereafter Riley) in southern Ohio. This season there are much worse reasons for not seeing spring than a lack of sunshine. So while we are mostly hunkered down, we can take a ramble through a couple of blossoming woodlots in southern Ohio. For the next while, we will look at the plants that were blooming yesterday at Riley, and at Chateau Nivale Preserve (hereafter Nivale). These woods were preserved by Arc of Appalachia, which along with another group called Edge of Appalachia has done a wonderful job in that area.